“Save It For LiveJournal!”

So, first blog with WordPress. It’s mine, not GameSpot’s, not Gamepolitic’s, not ECA’s not GameCritics’. It’s a really weird feeling as I can do almost anything I want. I can swear, I can post any image I want, I can even put up MP3s, or at least so I’ve read. I won’t do a lot of it; why should I?

It’s a different kind of feeling to have a full page dedicated to whatever I write, instead of a page crowded with advertisements (for those that haven’t paid cNet, or spend their time moderating) or other people’s diatribe. I don’t know how many people will actually read this, especially as how this is just the kind of stuff that just sits on the web for awhile and will eventually be forgotten.

I started doing a few new things today, ranging from trying to get back in the habit of posting in my Gamespot Blog, as well as setting up a little diversion at 360voice. It’s funny at first considering the fact that my 360 would have a personality and the like, but after reading the same outline it really feels like one of those “talkback” java applets where you ask things like “How are you”, and they respond with something stupid like, “I don’t know. How do you define “How”?”

My brother moves out of my father’s house tomorrow. He’s going on a train to California to work for my mom. I’m not sure how I feel about this, he’s had some issues with school, I’m not sure if this is a good idea to trust my half-sisters in his care. I mean, I’m not perfect myself, ironically enough I almost didn’t graduate from High School, but at the same time I know that there are things I just can’t mess around with, and that everything I do affects others. The good news is that he seems to be genuinely serious about getting things straightened out. It’ll cost him a decent amount of time, and money, but he’ll be able to do it if he sticks to it.

My best friend and I have recently been at odds. He’s kind of drifted away from wanting to hang out, get breakfast, or do… anything. Some guy I haven’t seen for awhile apparently moved back to the area and has been hanging out with him a good deal. Jealous? I guess so. He rented a Counter-Strike: Source server recently and had me do a bit of admin work. Mainly figuring out how to add and remove files, play custom sound files, and mods. Of course, recently he’s been on a bit of a power trip. I play an audio file that I particularly like, and he chews me out for doing it. Not many complaints from many players so far, but every time my buddy decides to say the same thing: “Don’t play any sounds while the server is at capacity.” I can only roll my eyes as he uses various RCON commands to speed his own movement up, and numerous complaints ensue from that choice. What really broke my patience was when I started a vote to change the map, considering that the map had been playing for over 40 minutes, and something along the lines of 25 rounds. The vote popped up at the end of the round, but only finished and passed in the middle of the next round. What resulted? My buddy telling me that I should “Only start a vote at the end of a round.” What the hell? Here he is effectively cheating (despite his claims that he isn’t cheating because he isn’t shooting or attacking), and I’m just using what tools that even a basic player would be given. After that I just told him that it might be a good idea to remove my admin rights, since I’m not permitted to actually use them. His response, although expected had a sneer that I didn’t expect. I asked him to call me tonight, but he hasn’t at this point. He said he would, but he hasn’t.

That’s pretty much it. Kind of basic for a free-man’s blog I suppose but we’ll see what happens.


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