Real Life Happens, ECA, and Stuff…

My brother moved out. He’s on a train headed to California. My father was not handling it well, and even I was a bit upset myself. Actually, just writing this kind of stings. I’m trying not to dwell on it too much right now as it really messed up me getting any sleep tonight.

I got hit with a letter from the IRS last night saying I owe them about $510 for some securities I forgot to report in 2006. This was the first year I did my own taxes, so of course, doing so I completely spaced some income off of some stock I sold off. I’m terrified about how this will go down, despite my father reassuring me that the federal level is perfectly fine with working out plans to get it paid. He did tell me that the State is terrible with these matters, which only makes it worse.

I considered joining the ECA for about a week as I’ve become active at GamePolitics, but after reading more of their stuff, I don’t think I can justify them. There’s a huge problem with their mantra and it seems to be a case of “Any legislation is bad,” instead of looking at things objectively. I guess I’ve grown out of that “Video games are cool, leave ’em alone phase” and I suppose I have Grand Theft Auto 4 to thank for that. The ESRB rating system needs to be retooled, and retailers along with hardware manufacturers need to stop being so afraid of Adult Only ratings. This is a huge problem for me. I want to be part of a group that would advocate my thoughts, but each individual group, just like the Democrats and Republicans go for their specific agendas without any look in the other direction.

And just because it’s time for non-seriousness:


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