Driving In Iraq

It’s an old video to be sure, when violence against Americans and insurgents were high, but this video seems to get reposted more and more with some rather sad comments.

People have responded with irrational things like “What an asshole.” or “He should be shot for doing that.” The sad thing is that these people are willing to let politics get in the way of making sure these soldiers stay alive. It’s important, and it makes me just a little sad to hear people devaluate their lives for other’s decisions.


One Response to “Driving In Iraq”

  1. The important thing to remember when watching this is that the reason they keep moving and don’t let someone block them in is that any car along the side of the street can be a bomb. The car blocking them in front could be doing it on purpose to give someone time to detonate it.

    For the military, in obvious vehicles, there’s a lot more at stake than just “bad driving” – it could be life threatening. The comment at the end says a lot.

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