The United States “Watch List” and the Ever Expanding Powers

Yet another case of rediculous government strong-arm tactics, mis-identification and all-and-all stupidity.

Erich Scherfen, a 13 year Army Infantryman, having served in the Gulf War, and then became a helicopter pilot for the National Guard could possibly see his career going down the faster than an autorotation. According the article I found, his civillian employer Colgan informed the pilot that he was on a government watch list, and that he would not be allowed to work until the issue was resolved, with the possibility of being fired if it was not resolved by September 1st.

Obviously the guy had done what he can to get attention to his case, but with so many people mis-identified it’s taking forever for his complaint to even be read. The TSA says that it seeks a “Meaningful Resolution”. I can’t help but let out a chuckle, maybe even a sneer at that. It’s a rediculous notion.  The TSA/NSA continue to make false positives that do in fact impact people’s livelyhood.

Mr. Sherfen has in fact contacted the ACLU, and hopefully the ACLU will be successful with it’s lawsuit. The United States government seems to be taking more and more liberties with restricting movement, with expanding it’s own power to be able to do more to further whatever goals it has.

On a side note the real question comes down to: What is the NSA and TSA’s goals? What are their mandates? Why do they feel the need to infringe on individual rights of citizens in order to continue to expand their power?

  • You get on a list you can’t get off.
  • The list damages reputation and careers.
  • The TSA intends to use a new ‘x-ray’ machine to see just under clothing.
  • The TSA continues to impliment more and more restrictions on luggage and shipping
  • The TSA and law enforcement continues to abuse citizens if they question authority.
  • The TSA damages aircraft in order to carry out ‘tests’ to ensure the safety of the aircraft.
  • TSA employees are exempt from their own regulations.

"I want everyone to remember why they need us!"

Even still, we now have the FBI deciding they can start investigations (as of October) without judicial oversight, without the proper warrants and paperwork, without the same rights of the citizenry that we used to have and cherish in the 1990s. What, may I ask, has happened here? How have we as citizens allowed our United States government to have such a strong foothold in our daily lives that they can just as easily destroy a long-established career even with time served under the (albeit previous) administration?

Am I outraged? Yes. Should you be? Yes. More and more people are getting affected by these government programs, and it seems that people either hold the belief of “Done nothing wrong, have nothing to hide,” or have just become apathetic.


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