Thomas E. Hutchins; Go back to Elementary Social Studies.

Another case of overreaching powers.

This little number was e-mailed to me by my father today, and while I knew I’d be furious about it, I didn’t think I’d end up as blatantly flustered as I am.  Thomas Hutchins authorized a program to place peaceful activists on a “terror watch” list, as well as organizations these people belong to.

Between 2005 and 2006, these people were spied on, followed by officers, recorded, and all sorts of information added to their ‘files’ that are kept on various police databases including ones related to drug trafficking.  Once Hutchins was actually faced with this little scenario he claimed that it was a necessary program and the most ridiculous quote from any politician or police officer’s mouth was given.

“I don’t believe the First Amendment is any guarantee to those who wish to disrupt the government”

… Let’s take a moment…

There have been a lot of precedents in the 1960s expanding the powers of the First Amendment to cover anti-war protesting. Most interesting in this case is Brandenburg v. Ohio, where a speech advocating violence to another group was still held under the First Amendment. The interesting part, still, is that these protesters specifically had no intention of participating in violent protests, or instigating violent acts in the first place!

The discussion to overthrow the United States government is one that is rather frequent in the United States. It is something that continued to be discussed, and something that will always be on the mind of people. However, branding people as terrorists for having this view, or even (in this case) something as simple as an anti-death-penalty protest is not only wrong, but it is concrete evidence of the totalitarianism we are heading to as a country, and it’s even more disturbing now that the people at the state level of government are instigating these things!

The people that were under surveillance were given a letter stating that they were welcome to view the record that the government agencies had on them prior to them being purged. Good thing they are getting purged, but what about the wrong-doing made against these people in the first place? The Maryland State Police violated these people’s First Amendment rights and the police are hoping to say “Oh we don’t have it anymore, no harm no foul.” Sorry, no.. I hope the Police Department, as well as Hutchins himself find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit.

Keep in mind, “Suspected Terrorist List”[s] are known to destroy careers, income, and reuptation. This is absolutely unacceptable on the State’s side, and the United States government as a whole.


As if that was not enough.


One Response to “Thomas E. Hutchins; Go back to Elementary Social Studies.”

  1. I hate to appear so very old but go back even further to the 1950’s and the blacklists of that day of everyone who ever breathed the same air as a dreaded Communist.
    People’s lives were destroyed by lies and whispers by the government of the day as they threatened everyone, forced them to testify before congress and coerced them into naming names, any names just to save their own skins.
    We are reliving history and all our mistakes.

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